Missing My Patients

I graduated nursing school in 1997. Since then, I’ve worked in the Operating Room, ICU, Pre-Op, and PACU. I’ve been a nurse manager, cardiac clinical coordinator, and charge nurse. I’ve done things and seen things you can’t even imagine. But what is it all about? My patients. That’s what it’s about.

Thanks to COVID pandemic, I now work from a desk in my home. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t miss the traffic, the commute, or the crazy Los Angeles drivers. No, not one bit. In fact, I really like working from home. Eating lunch on my back patio, having my wife near me, and having my dog at my feet is a blessing. But I do miss interacting with the patients face-to-face. There is a connection between me and them that I miss so much.

Many times, a smile, a hug, a touch is all that is needed to make the difference between being afraid and feeling secure. It is when we experience human contact that we realize how important we are to one another. I am grateful for the experiences, the crying and the laughing I’ve had with my patients. It all has molded me into the Nurse that I am today.

Being there for my patients has always been important to me. I wonder if they know how much they have touched my heart. I think about the times I’ve held a hand, gave a hug, listened intently, or cried hard with patients. At those times, I was there for them, but they all were there for me, even though they never knew it.

Next time you have a Registered Nurse taking care of you, remember, you are doing a lot for them as well. We help each other and I think that’s what I miss the most.

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